New Blu-ray Format to Increase Storage Capacity and Introduce Dual Fixed / Rewritable Discs

Hard to believe but the Blu-ray Disc Association is getting set to finalize a new format of Blu-ray discs that will require everyone to purchase a new player. A new technology being introduced called BDXL will add additional data layers to a disc, increasing storage capacity from 50GB  to 128GB. IH-BD, on the other hand, will allow producers to create discs with both fixed data layers and a 25GB rewritable layer — a boon to game developers who may want to release discs that can store a player’s preferences, scores, progress, etc. without having to rely on a console’s available storage. According to Andy Parsons, Blu-ray Disc Association’s chairman, it’s now up to hardware manufactures and media companies to adopt. He states, “Impossible to predict what applications other companies may have for it, and what product lines may lie ahead relating to those applications. BDXL is a forward-looking format.”

UPDATE 6/25/10: Blu-ray Disc Association Approves Final BDXL™ Format Specifications

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