HP Slate Gets a Pre-Launch Hands-On

Not quite sure how Connecti.ca got their hands on a pre-production HP Slate. In anycase, Connecti.ca came up less than impressed with the tablet and lets Apple fanboys know it’s not an iPad Killer. While the post is fairly brief, it does site one aspect of the device that’s most likely credible. And that is that the HP Slate is not as snappy as people might expect since it’s running a full version of Windows 7 — instead of a low-spec mobile OS. The one thing that I find amusing, however, is that people over at Engadget are saying the device is relatively “chunky.” I’m not seeing it. In fact, HP’s internal comparison spec chart states the HP Slate is 0.57″ thick while the iPad is 0.50″. Weight-wise, the Slate is actually lighter (though by a tiny fraction) at 1.49lbs. So, you be the judge. FYI, the HDTV media dock that we all got a glimpse of in HP’s last Slate promo video will offer 2 x USB ports, eSATA, HDMI, and a headphone jack.

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2 Reactions to “HP Slate Gets a Pre-Launch Hands-On”

  1. MatthewStone says:

    The HP Slate looks and sounds awesome!!! Engadget is run by a bunch of Apple fanboys. I agree that you can't compare the two devices though. One is an actual computer for about $500-$600 and the other is an iPod Touch for about $500-$600. iPad is a limited use toy, while the Slate is a touch screen netbook with pen support.

    Sad thing is that you can see in the reflection that these terrible photos were taken with an iPhone's camera while connected to a MacBook. Ugh iPhone takes terrible pictures.

    • I find it interesting reading comments around the 'net that people don't like that it has netbook internals. What would be better? Smartphone internals? I can see ARM (though not compatible with Windows 7) possibly being a better option than Atom for a tablet, but jeez.