MeeGo 1.0 Demo Shows Netbook to TV Display, Cloud Stored Media Access on Multiple Devices

We reported on MeeGo earlier this week and how it’s set to compete with Android on a variety of devices and platforms. Now, new video has surfaced from Intel’s Developer Forum in Beijing showing how MeeGo 1.0 is able to display content running on a netbook to your HDTV (looks like a wired connection in the video, but Intel will most likely leverage its wireless display technology for the job) and how devices, like your future MeeGo powered mobile handset, can access media from the cloud for playback. FYI, Boxee is already available in Intel’s AppUp Center, so users can theoretically run the app from their MeeGo netbook and display the content selected for playback to their HDTV. [via]


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