Will the iPad Win Over Non-Mac Users?

According to a quick survey of 448 iPad buyers this past Saturday (aka launch day), Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster found that 74% of buyers were Mac users, 66% of them also owned iPhones, and 78% of them said they considered buying “nothing else” in terms of a similar or comparable gadget. As for the iPad replacing their computer, 96% said they’ll use both. One thing that stood out to me, though, is that iPad buyers said they would use the device primarily for surfing the web, followed by reading books and email — playing games and apps came in at just 18%. Well, it sounds like Apple has a created a winner for its base, but will we see Windows and Linux users jump onboard? I’m guessing not in big numbers. My take: if Windows and Linux users haven’t dipped their toes in the iPhone/iPod ecosystem already, the iPad probably doesn’t make the jump that much more appealing. Full story and survey results chart at CNNMoney.com. [via] (Photo credit: Sergiocapitano)

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