How Android Can Compete with Apple’s Third-Party iPad Apps

I’ll keep this short. The thought occurred to me that Android tablets don’t need a custom tablet UI layer to compete with a device like the iPad (it would be nice, but it’s not critical). What it really needs is clear app differentiation in the Marketplace for platform formats. What I mean is that, if an Android app is designed for mobile use, it should be placed in the mobile category. Likewise, a larger display format app, for either a tablet or TV display, should be added to their respective categories. Previously, people were talking about having mobile apps that scale up for larger display use. Well, that may be OK for tablets in some cases, but it’s not ideal. With this setup in place, app developers can start creating apps for current and upcoming Android powered devices (FYI, Tegra 2 tablets running Android are launching in the coming months). Seriously, I can’t figure out why the Android department at Google hasn’t jumped on this already and brought developers into the fold and show them where the company hopes to integrate Android next. Another tip: Google should set up application design guidelines for each platform so things don’t look all wonky when jumping from one app to an other on a particular platform. I’m thinking… anything less than what I’ve described above would make Android a complete mess in terms of cross-device usability.

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