Engadget Unboxes the JooJoo and Posts a Teaser Video

Whew! For couple a days there I didn’t think JooJoo was going to deliver. Engadget has posted a gallery of unboxing photos (the packaging looks clean) and a teaser video making clear that “there’s no conspiracy here” for why Engadget is not posting an actual review of the product on the eve of Apple’s iPad launch. We’ll take your word for it, Joshua — just make sure it’s a thorough and objective review not mentioning the competition every five seconds. Personally, I’m curious how gadget sites are going to review a product like this since it’s not running a commonly used OS like Android or iPhone/iPad OS. I’m guessing I just want to know: Does it work as advertised? How user-friendly is it? What can be done in terms of extending the device’s capabilities?

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