Apps for iPad Now Available on iTunes

If you haven’t heard already, you can now browse and purchase apps “for iPad.” Yup, these are apps designed for the iPad — not scaled up iPhone apps that are compatible with the iPad (a previous gripe of mine). As you’ll see after looking over the selection, the iPad apps are being sold at a premium compared to their iPhone brethren. Brad at Liliputing finds that most iPhone apps range in price from $0.99 to $2.99, while iPad apps, he says, are “selling for $9.99 as $0.99, with plenty of $5 and $6 apps thrown in for good measure.” Below is a quick video walkthrough of iPad apps by Appadvice to get a feel for what’s available. Lastly, for you online video consumers, Netflix has a FREE app available so users can stream “watch instantly” movies, manage their queue, etc. and ABC has a TV show programming app nicely broken down by day and time. Of course, other networks have plans on either launching a native iPad app or going the way of CBS and creating an iPad-friendly web portal with HTML5 video (I like this idea since it’s cross-platform compatible with any tablet OS).



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