HP Slate to Launch June 2010 for Around $500

Spanish tech news website, Clipset, is claiming [translation], after getting some hands-on time with the HP Slate during a presentation, that the device will officially launch this June and be available in Europe for €400 by September. HP further confirmed that the Slate will run Windows 7, be powered by an Intel Atom processor, support Flash content, will include USB connectivity, a memory card reader, and have a camera located on its rubberized backplate. Clipset points out in their post that the HP Slate has a lot in common with a netbook, while the iPad, in comparison, is more of an extended iPhone — which I would say is a fairly accurate assessment being that you can install any Windows-based software on the device and even use a 3G wireless USB dongle for mobile connectivity. More pics and a Flash demo here. [via]

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  1. Wow, I'm loving the competition. I hope the prices will get lower this coming months.