Pogoplug Adds Media Streaming and Active Copy Folder Backups

Big news for current and prospective Pogoplug users. The company today is announcing that the device will support music, photo, and video streaming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (I’m waiting to hear back if it’s designed to work with any DLNA/UPnP enabled device – see response below). In addition, the Pogoplug can now be configured to backup folders, on a Mac or Windows PC, in real-time using a new feature called Active Copy. And not only that… Active Copy can automatically backup important files to another off-site Pogoplug for redundancy purposes. MSRP of the latest Pogoplug is $129 and it comes with 4 USB ports and Ethernet connectivity — just bring your own external USB hard drive for storage.

UPDATE: I had a couple of questions for the Pogoplug devs… here’s what they responded:

  • The streaming uses UPnP, so it will work with other UPnP enabled devices. We specifically mention XBox360 and PS3 because we have optimized for their interfaces.
  • The Active Copy we are rolling out is for transfers from Pogoplug to Pogoplug and does not require any additional software. Active Copy for computer to Pogoplug does require downloading the free Pogoplug Drive application.

Pogoplug™ Launches Media Streaming and Offsite Backup

San Francisco, Calif. – March 16th, 2010 – Pogoplug, the multimedia sharing device that allows users to access their media anywhere on the web, today adds two new features to the award-winning device. Starting today, Pogoplug users can stream content to Xbox 360 and PS3 game consoles. The enhanced Active Copy feature now automatically copies files to a Pogoplug in another location.

With game console support, Pogoplug owners can now easily access, share, and stream their media directly to their Xbox 360 or PS3 from any local or remotely located Pogoplug. Gamers can watch home movies from their Pogoplug connected external hard drive on their Xbox 360 or PS3, share slideshows or listen to their entire music library without ever putting down their game controller. The Xbox 360 or PS3 automatically sees the drives connected to the Pogoplug and the contents of other shared Pogoplugs.

“By adding media streaming capabilities to the Xbox 360 and PS3 through your Pogoplug, we are making it easier than ever to access your media on your television,” said Daniel Putterman, Cloud Engines CEO. “The new version of Active Copy is revolutionary. Now anyone can easily keep a safe copy of their files in another location.”

Active Copy enables users to backup folders on their computer to a Pogoplug connected drive. Whenever new files are added, or changes are made to an existing file within the Active Copy enabled folder, these files are automatically copied to a chosen destination folder. Now users can also use Active Copy to automatically backup key files from one Pogoplug to another off-site Pogoplug, for additional safety and redundancy.

Both features came from user requests and both update to all Pogoplugs worldwide via an automatic firmware upgrade today. For support or other questions, please visit the support page at www.Pogoplug.com/support and the community website, www.pogoplugged.com.

The Pogoplug is a device that connects up to 4 external hard drives to the Internet. It is designed for consumers who have an external hard drive and have high speed Internet. Consumers can securely access and share all of their content (files, photos, and video) from any web browser or enabled mobile device with no additional monthly fees.

Founded in 2007 by experienced entrepreneurs from the digital media and security industries, Cloud Engines is located in San Francisco, California. The company was formed with a mission to change the way personal content is stored and distributed over the Internet. The Cloud Engines philosophy is that by making a product simple, open and affordable, the community will participate in making it better. For more information, please visit our Web site, www.cloudengines.com.

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