JooJoo Sports a New UI Just Before Launch

Love it. The underdog, Fusion Garage, is showing off a slick, new UI days before the JooJoo tablet launch exclusively to Engadget (ETA: March 25th). You can say the UI has been overhauled and refined from what everyone got a glimpse of a few months back on the development tablet. Gone are the ugly multi-colored homescreen and wireframe icons. The new UI, with its swappable wallpaper and translucent menus, has more of a netbook look now — somewhat reminiscent of Joicloud. Anyhow, it’s got my attention. In addition, JooJoo has reworked the gesture controls for scrolling (one-finger “pan”, two-finger “page scroll”), improved the keyboard interfaces, and replaced the pinch-to-go-back gesture with a vertical screen swipe that brings down the top control panel. Lastly, Fusion garage is confirming that the JooJoo tablet will only be sold in the black and champagne color scheme for the time being (a black-on-black version was also shown to the press at one time and is currently displayed on the site’s accessories page). And in case you were wondering… yes, JooJoo supports Flash and H.264 video for a “full web experience.” NEW: JooJoo’s internals revealed via the FCC.

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