Freescale’s Sub-$200 Tablets to Be Compatible with Linux, Chromium OS, Android

Attached here is a video from Mobile World Congress 2010 with Freescale’s product manager of software development explaining that Freescale’s sub-$200 ARM (i.MX51 Cortex-A8) tablets will be compatible with just about any Linux distribution that supports ARM processors like Ubuntu, Chromium OS, and Android. And not only that… Freescale’s tablets are able to play Flash 10.1 content and HTML5 video. It’s unclear exactly who will be selling the tablets, but my guess is that they will be branded and sold by partners running Freescale’s in-house developed OS. Or perhaps the partners will load whichever OS they choose? In any case, this is great news for Linux enthusiasts ’cause it means they now have a tablet that they know they can easily tweak and customize to their heart’s desire. Hey, Freescale…! If you’re reading this post, consider including Linux multi-touch support – details.

Aside: I’ve heard ARCHOS is going to “open up” their hardware to support other Linux distributions besides Android.

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