DSP Group’s Android DECT / Wi-Fi Home Phone Reference Design Has Me Drooling

A couple years ago I set out to look for a wireless VoIP handset that I could use around the home. Unfortunately, I came up short on products that I would actually buy — most were simple Skype powered phones or SIP enabled phones with horrible UIs. The best bet, even today, has been to install a VoIP app on your Wi-Fi smartphone (i.e. Fring). But what if you’re like me and want a dedicated home phone with both smartphone and VoIP capabilities? Well, that may soon become a reality. Pictured here is DSP Group’s DECT multimedia phone reference design [PDF Brochure] that leverages the Android OS (including apps from the Android market) and provides DECT wireless, Wi-Fi connectivity, DLNA media streaming, TV remote functionality, home automation control, and full web browsing through a 3.5-inch touchscreen. In other words, this wireless home phone can be used with your traditional landline service and / or be used as a VoIP / Google Voice phone. Presentation video below. [via]


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  1. Patrick Kim says:

    how about this android phone for home user?