ARCHOS Home Tablet Anyone?

ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet in Kitchen Photo

Archos has unveiled a unique offering [PDF] today that might very well get a lot of people’s attention. For a $179 you’ll soon be able to pick up the company’s new 7-inch widescreen mobile or 8-inch 4:3 table-top Android Home Tablet. You can think of the ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet as a budget version of the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet with a larger screen, while the ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet is more of kitchen computer/digital media photo frame (think Sony dash, not iPad). In fact, the ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet comes with custom software that can display photo slideshows (or video), cooking receipes (powered by Cookineo), weather updates, business directories, and a family calendar. Both models share the same 600Mhz ARM 9 processor, 12mm thickness, Wi-Fi, and extended battery life (7 hours video playback, 44 hours for music), though storage options differ. The ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet will be available in 2GB/4GB (add another $20-30 more for the extra 2GB), ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet will only be available with 4GB. Launch date: April 2010.

ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet


ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet

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