Don’t Call It an iPad App!

Crestron Home Automation App for iPhone and iPad

Originally I was going to write up a post on Crestron’s Home Automation iPad App (supposedly one of the first for the device, according to CE Pro), but then I noticed from the rendering that it’s just the iPhone / iPod touch version scaled up by Apple’s iPad — though I could be wrong (no additional iPad app screenshots or demo video were available). I know people are excited for the retail launch of the iPad, but I think app developers need some new terminology for better transparency right from the get-go. For one, I would suggest calling any iPhone / iPod touch app that plays nice with the iPad as “iPad Compatible” and native apps as “Designed for iPad”. The reason I say this is because Apple has included some nifty UI features exclusive to the iPad that takes advantage of the larger screen size like drop-down / pop-over menus, sidebar controls, dual page views, etc. In fact, you can get a glimpse of what I’m talking about on Apple’s iPad feature page or just look at the iWork suite for iPad or NY Times’ iPad app. These apps were designed for the iPad, and leverage lots of the new functionality. So going forward app developers, reporters, and bloggers, please make the distinction clear. Thanks! (By the way, this is the same advice I would give to Android app developers targeting both handsets and the new crop of tablet devices.)

UPDATE: The Creston app is iPad “compatible”, according to Creston’s own Apple product page.  It states: “Both apps [Creston Mobile, Creston Mobile Pro] are compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad.” [Demo]

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  1. In their official press release, Crestron stated “Our Mobile apps are fully compatible with the iPad,…”. They didn't claim writing a brand new app version for iPad.


    • Thanks for the press release link, Ruslan.

      After reading it, I’m still not sure if there’s a native iPad app or not. If you read the CE Pro article (particularly the headline and opening statement), and even the first sentence of the press release, it seems like there is.

      Opening sentence in the press release: “Crestron today announced that a simple download from the iTunes® App Store transforms the Apple® iPad into a full Crestron touchpanel.”

      Statement from the Director of Marketing: “Our Mobile apps are fully compatible with the iPad, and we’re delighted to add the iPad to our selection of Apple-based solutions.”

      Either way, it’s not really clear if it’s a compatible iPhone / iPod touch app or native iPad app (I’m guessing, it’s not a native app). Crestron, if you’re reading this feel free to clarify. In any case, this proves my point that coverage on these apps needs to be clear to avoid confusion, misreporting, or misrepresentation (fyi, I’m not accusing Creston of any willful wrong doing).

      • Alexander,

        I'm not affiliated with Crestron in any way and I'm not defending them. :)

        It's just that CEPro always gets overly optimistic whenever there are any news from Crestron (not blaming them for that, coz so am I). ;)

        But when you read between the lines it's easy to make wrong assumptions. There's nothing in PR that explicitly says that iPad version was designed from the ground up specifically for iPad.

        I wouldn't be surprised though if Savant were releasing “Designed for iPad” version any time soon.

  2. flamaest says:

    In order to get the Crestron’s Home Automation iPad App running on your Home Theatre, you first need to shell out like $4000 in Crestron hardware to make the IPAD or IPHONE work at all.

    What a ripoff!!!

    What we need is a small and simple Bluetooth-to-IR box which can send an IPAD BT signal to your IR equiment and Done. This will probubly show up on the market for $50, just wait a few months.