Wired’s Digital Magazine Demonstrated and Explained

Wired Reader Demonstration

The Wired Reader tablet app demo you’re about to see was created using Adobe AIR, while all the digital magazine content shown via the app was produced with Adobe InDesign. What’s interesting is that magazine layout designers, according to Wired.com, can create the print and tablet version of the magazine simultaneously using the same tool — unlike how print publications’ online properties are created today. All they really need to do is create an additional horizontal layout in Adobe InDesign for each print page to accommodate a tablet’s portrait and landscape modes. In addition, were starting to learn that Adobe is taking great strides to make Adobe AIR/Flash content available to all OS platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and device types, including Android-powered mobile devices and Apple’s iPhone/iPad (more on that here). Lastly, it’s obvious from the demo that advertisers are going to eat this medium up due the ad spots’ interactivity/metrics features, as well as the ability for users to track down ads through the page navigation with ease for later reference.

Here’s a rougher demo of the Wired Reader at Mobile World Congress 2010 running on a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dev board – Credit: SlashGear.


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