Notion Ink Adam Demonstrated on the Eve of Its MWC 2010 Debut

Notion Ink Adam on Technoholik

The folks at Technoholik, an ET Now television production, were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Notion Ink’s Founder and Creative Director, Rohan Shravan, on the eve of Adam’s debut at MWC 2010. In the video we get confirmation that the Adam tablet shown is the final design (it’s just like the pics we showed you earlier) and all that’s really left to do is finalize the custom tablet UI layer (built on top of Android) by May so they can launch the product this June. A couple things revealed in the interview that folks following the product’s development might find interesting is that the Adam truly does have a trackpad located on its backplate and that the 180-degree rotatable webcam can be used at 90-degrees to, say, video record class instruction while using the device to take notes (kind of cool!).

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