Could the PS3 Controller Hack for the Nokia N900 Signal A New Direction for Mobile Gaming?

Nokia N900 PS3 Controller Hack Demo Video

I have to admit. I’m fascinated by the hack shown here on video and its potential. What you’re looking at is a TV-connected Nokia N900 Internet Tablet/Mobile Phone, running SNES emulation software, paired to a Bluetooth PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller. After watching the video you can easily imagine your MID/Mobile Phone/Internet Tablet doubling as your primary gaming device both for on-the-go and at home (note many of these next-gen devices are coming equipped with A/V or HDMI out). Plus, users would definitely be getting extra mileage from their mobile game purchases if this functionality were available out of the box (just announced 2/15/10: Microsoft has something similar — in terms of Xbox Live/360 integration — in the works for Windows Mobile 7 gaming). Nokia N900 hack instructions available here. [via]

Aside: If you like this post, you might be interested in a product from Celio Corp. called REDFLY (a netbook type device powered by your smartphone – compatible with Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and soon Android).


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