Research Study Finds Connected TV Users Demand Improved UIs and Web Services Integration

Samsung HDTV with Blockbuster OnDemand

Strategy Analytics has a released a new research study dubbed, Profiling the Connected Media Consumer: a Contextual Study, that examines what owners and potential buyers of network enabled HDTVs are looking for and/or expecting in their “Connected TV.” The good news… vocal early adopters are already guiding what features and services their products should support (as evidenced by the number of firmware updates supporting additional services like Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora, etc.). Strategy Analytics has found that there are four core motivators for consumers to connect their televisions to the internet: personalization (i.e. widgets), customization, interest driven content (i.e. video podcasts/channels), and social experiences (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). The report also revealed that consumers prefer multi-function TVs that don’t require an additional set-top box and are able to stream media through their LAN or internet wirelessly. All in all, nothing especially new here, if you’ve been following eHomeUpgrade for some time now.

Strategy Analytics: Connected TV Users Demand Improved Web Interface and Control Devices

Boston, MA – February 5, 2009 – Early adopters of advanced connected TV services value the ability to personalize and share their content, but want better control devices and superior user experience, according to research just released by the Strategy Analytics Digital Home Observatory. Connected consumers also prefer multi-function, integrated devices, as well as wireless capability across control and streaming functions.

“Advanced media consumers are already setting the agenda for future designs around the connected TV experience,” says Christopher Dodge, Analyst with the Digital Home Observatory. “Content owners, vendors and developers will succeed in this emerging market by addressing the need for improved content discovery and advanced control devices.”

Strategy Analytics’ in-depth research, “ Profiling the Connected Media Consumer: a Contextual Study : ” focuses on behavior and expectations of advanced users of emerging connected TV devices and services such as AppleTV, Hulu, PlayStation Network video, Netflix on Xbox Live and AT&T U-Verse. The project examined attitudes toward online television, video on demand and social networking services such as Facebook, when accessed through the living room TV.

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