ExoPC’s Windows 7 Powered 8.9-inch Slate Has Potential


We’ve seen our fair share of Android tablets at CES and many have finally sobered up after the Apple iPad unveiling. So what now? How about a Windows 7 powered device with no compromises? French firm, ExoPC, has a 8.9-inch (1024×600) tablet expected to ship this March called the ExoPC Slate. What makes this product unique is that they’ve gone through the trouble of creating a touch UI layer on top of Windows 7 Professional (something I suggested to HP) to operate the device and provide media-centric functionality. Its unclear if the ExoPC can toggle between its custom interface and the Windows 7 default environment (which, by the way, does support touch), though I’m guessing it can. Additional details should be available closer to launch, but in the meantime have a look at ExoPC’s handy comparison chart pitting their $599 32GB device against the Apple iPad and ARCHOS 9PCtablet.

New! ExoPC internal pics and hardware demo posted @ Engadget (the device looks a bit chubbier than I expected).

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