TwonkyServer Mobile Demo’d Doing Its Media Serving Duties

TwonkyServer Mobile Video Demonstration

If you were excited to learn about TwonkyMedia’s new TwonkyServer Mobile app for Android, have a look at the following video demonstrating how the DLNA / UPnP media server app for mobile devices functions in the real world. In a nutshell, the TwonkyServer Mobile app catalogs all your phone’s media (photos, music, videos) and makes it available for playback to any DLNA / UPnP compatible device — in this case a networked Samsung HDTV. Like the demonstrator states… TwonkyServer Mobile is a perfect way to share your phone’s media content with friends. The catch, as you’ll see in the video, the playback device must have the appropriate multimedia codecs installed in order to a play the streamed files.

Credit: Android and Me

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