HSTi Wireless Media Stick Brings Shared PC Media Files to Any Device with a USB Port

HSTi Wireless Media Stick

Here’s an intriguing device that made its first appearance at CES. The $119.99 HSTi Wireless Media Stick is a USB dongle that you can attach to any media playback device that can read files from a USB drive (i.e. Blu-ray player, TV, stereo, game console, digital picture frame, etc.). Unlike a traditional thumbdrive with limited storage capacity, the HSTi Wireless Media Stick aggregates shared media files from network connected PCs and presents them to the device its mounted to as if the files were stored natively. Once a file is chosen for playback, the HSTi Wireless Media Stick then streams the file via 802.11n Wi-Fi from the respective computer.

HSTi Wireless Media Stick at CES 2010 - Credit: EngadgetPhoto credit: Engadget

2-Step Process:

1. Connect the HSTi Wireless Media Stick to your PC to configure the device and have it recognized by your wireless router [VIDEO].
2. Type the IP address of the stick into your web browser to access the administration panel and select which available shared folders/files from the available PCs you wish the device to list when mounted [VIDEO].

    * Aside: HSTi has future plans on including “content from the internet, directly to your media playback devices.”

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