The CrunchPad Internet Tablet Pronounced Dead after a Falling Out

Crunchpad Launch Prototype

Terrible news today. Michael Arrington posted on TechCrunch that the CrunchPad Internet Tablet is DEAD. The product’s demise is due to a falling out over IP rights and equity stakes with their hardware development partner, Fusion Garage. It’s all a big shame, really, since the CrunchPad, we’re now learning had a 12-inch capacitive touchscreen and would be able to run Chrome OS and Windows 7, was set to debut on November 20th of the this month and begin taking pre-orders.

What’s really heartbreaking is the fact that a multi-billion dollar retail partner believed in the product so much so that they were willing to to subsidize the overseas shipping costs and sell the product at a low margin to help keep the price point at around $300. Not to mention… the CrunchPad already had a blue chip angel covering development costs and a gang of Silicon Valley investors  waiting in the wings ready to fund the startup once the product shipped to market.

Sorry, CrunchPad. Wish we had a chance to get to know you.

UPDATE (12/4/09): CrunchPad ex-partner, Fusion Garage, plans media event in SF on Dec. 7th.
UPDATE (12/7/09): JooJoo Internet Tablet by Fusion Garage to Premiere on December 11, 2009

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