VUDU’s New Cloud-Based Interface Adds New Features on the Fly

VUDU Wikipedia Screenshots

You may have noticed lately that VUDU has been rolling out new features on a regular basis — today they announced the integration of Wikipedia — and on a variety of platforms (i.e. VUDU Box, Networked Blu-ray players & HDTVs). What you may not have known is that VUDU’s interface is essentially a web app hosted in the “Cloud” now, according to VUDU Blog. As such, VUDU is able to provide users with instant updates that don’t require a firmware upgrade like competing products (cough… Roku Player). If you think about it, this is a huge advancement — especially for third party services running on a CE device.  No more waiting for a CE device manufacture to roll out a new firmware update just to add a handful of features to their platform.

Related update: We have received word from Roku that the latest Channel Store firmware update will allow the company to push new content channels to players instantly without additional downloads as well. Woot!

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