Comcast’s Amy Banse Explains TV Everywhere

NewTeeVee Live Comcast: Amy Banse

At NewTeeVee LIVE yesterday Comcast’s Amy Banse talked about what subscribers can look forward to with the company’s “TV Everywhere” initiative. Essentially, what Comcast wants to do is bring TV programming to a variety of platforms – specifically Internet enabled and mobile devices. TV Everywhere encompasses, as Banse puts it, linear viewing, à la carte, and online.

Banse says that beginning next month Comcast subscribers will be able to login to or and view TV programming OnDemand, on up to 3 authorized devices, at no charge. It’s unclear what additional content will be available that’s not already on now for FREE (or if the site will become a subscriber only offering), but it will most likely tie into your current Comcast package, I’m guessing.

Interestingly, Banse made it sound like OnDemand content will have staggered availability with the company’s set-top getting first dibs on new content, then the next day through the its online offering (she quickly mentioned something about picking up content from a “store” as well to take with you). Just a heads up, though, all content you stream through the online service via your home’s Comcast broadband connection will still count against your monthly 250GB cap.

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