UPnP Forum Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

UPnP Forum LogoEveryone who enjoys the benefits of network media streaming across various devices, computers, and applications should give the UPnP Forum a big virtual hug today on their 10th birthday. Seriously, without the UPnP Forum we would probably still be in the dark ages where only devices and applications with their own proprietary standards can communicate with each other and share data (sadly there are still products like this today). Presently, the UPnP forum consists of 889 members and boasts 3,000 UPnP certified products worldwide (many covered here on eHomeUpgrade).

UPnP Forum Celebrates Ten Years of Leading Connectivity Innovation

BEAVERTON, Ore., October 19, 2009 — UPnP Forum, the industry initiative designed to provide simple and robust connectivity among consumer electronics, intelligent appliances, computers and mobile devices from different vendors, today celebrates its tenth anniversary. For the past decade, UPnP Forum has led the industry in driving the development and adoption of standards for device interoperability for IP-based networked devices.

Since its formation in 1999, UPnP Forum has developed a device architecture and interoperability interfaces recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as the world’s first comprehensive international standard for device discovery and control on IP networks (ISO/IEC 29341). The Forum has also implemented a thriving certification program. There are now more than 3,000 UPnP ® Certified product models worldwide.

UPnP Forum marked the anniversary with a member celebration and reunion at its recent member meeting in Redmond, Wash. At the event, the Forum presented Outstanding Contributor Awards to six individuals in recognition of their many years of work on UPnP activities: Shivaun Albright (HP), Hans-Joachim Langels (Siemens), Tom McGee (formerly of Philips), Toby Nixon (Microsoft), John Ritchie (Intel) and Karen Stash (Microsoft).

“This is an exciting time for our organization,” said Dr. Alan Messer, President and Chair of UPnP Forum. “UPnP Forum has achieved tremendous industry support during the past ten years, solidifying the UPnP technology’s position as the leading solution for discovery and control of networked devices. Moreover, our members have continued to drive the development of new device control protocols (DCPs). We look forward to another decade of developing and promoting interoperable connectivity solutions.”

The Forum’s tenth anniversary caps what has been a momentous year for UPnP technology. The number of UPnP ® Certified devices has continued to grow at an accelerated rate, with 124 device implementations achieving certification in 2009 to date. Additionally, UPnP Forum recently consolidated with UPnP Implementers Corporation, shifting management of the UPnP certification and logo program to UPnP Forum. This change gives UPnP Forum full responsibility for developing and promoting continued adoption of UPnP technology, streamlining operations and preparing the UPnP community to accelerate its activities in the future.

UPnP Forum will continue enhancing its specifications throughout the next year in order to help members provide products that meet ongoing demand for interoperable networked devices. The organization plans to update its Audio Visual (AV) DCP and publish new specifications for Remote Access, Device Protection, Device Management and Telephony control to reflect new user scenarios. Additionally, the group will focus on additions to its Internet Gateway Device protocol to incorporate changes to the Internet over the last several years, including IPv6.

UPnP Forum has also established a Smart Grid Task Force to examine opportunities across all of its activities to enable users of networked devices to monitor and manage electricity consumption throughout their homes, and to promote UPnP technology as a part of emerging Smart Grid standards worldwide.

About UPnP Technology
UPnP technology makes home networking simple and affordable so that the connected home experience becomes a mainstream experience for users and a great opportunity for the industry. UPnP device and service standards have been defined and published for Internet gateways/routers, audio-video media devices, printers, scanners, climate control, lighting and wireless LAN access points, digital security cameras, and advanced features such as security, remote user interface and quality of service.

The UPnP architecture offers pervasive network connectivity between all types of devices, including network-enabled consumer electronics equipment, intelligent appliances, portable wireless devices, PCs, etc. The UPnP architecture leverages TCP/IP and other Web technologies to enable seamless integration of these devices into existing network infrastructures. UPnP technology can be implemented on any operating system and works with any type of physical networking media that supports IP – wired or wireless – providing maximum user and developer choices, which result in higher economic benefits for everyone.

About UPnP Forum
UPnP Forum is a non-profit corporation of more than 880 consumer electronics, computing, home automation, home security, appliances, printing, photography, computer networking, mobile products and other leading companies working together to design schema and protocol standards for the UPnP initiative. For more information about UPnP Forum, visit http://www.upnp.org.

About UPnP Certification
There are now more than 3,000 UPnP ® Certified devices. UPnP certification creates the foundation for interoperability and provides an easy way for retailers and consumers to recognize products that have been developed and tested to comply with the UPnP device standards.

The UPnP ® word mark and the UPnP ® logo are certification marks owned and managed by UPnP Forum. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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