The Future of the Mouse Is Multi-Touch

Microsoft Cap Mouse Prototype

We’ve seen the humble PC mouse evolve from one button with a trackball to multi-buttons with a scroll wheel and laser tracking. Now that mult-touch is all the rage on laptops, touchscreen PCs, and smartphones, the technology is set to take the mouse and derivitative navigation products into new and exciting realms. Below are two videos showcasing what’s here now (Wacom Bamboo Touch) and what’s to come (Microsoft prototype mice). Personally, my two favorite devices of the bunch are the Microsoft “cap mouse” (offers a familiar form factor with an intuitively placed multi-touch control area) and the Wacom Bamboo Touch (essentially transforms the mouse pad into an extra large touchpad).

Side note: Apple has filed patents related to a multi-touch mouse they’re working on. If you like concept renderings, here’s what the future mighty mouse might look like.

If you’re interested in an inexpensive multi-touch option, have a look this $72 USB peripheral for Windows.



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