Ooma Telo Wants to Free You From Your Monthly Phone Bill

Ooma Telco and Handset

Ok, I’ll bite. After reviewing the details on the Ooma Telo VoIP phone adapter and service, I can’t find anything not to like. For $249.99 the Ooma Telo, which needs to be connected to a router with a high-speed Internet connection and is compatible with standard corded or cordless telephones, provides FREE phone calls nationwide and international calls at competitively low rates. In addition, users get caller-ID, call-waiting, 911 service linked to their current address, and other features at no additional charge. Ooma even lets you port your existing phone number for a one-time fee of $39.99 (free with annual subscription to Ooma Premier). Check it out. Ooma Telo is available now at 1,200 retail locations nationwide and online.

Ooma Expands Free Home Phone Services With Ooma Telo

Free U.S. Calling, Outstanding Voice Quality, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 911

PALO ALTO, Calif., October 1, 2009 – Ooma, Inc. today announced that Ooma Telo™ is now available for purchase at more than 1,200 retail locations and leading online shopping destinations. Ooma Telo offers free, clear and reliable home phone service for consumers who are tired of being held hostage by legacy phone carrier contracts and monthly fees. Ooma Telo delivers free U.S. local and long distance calls over the Internet with a suite of sophisticated telephony features that enable unparalleled ease of use and exceptional affordability.

“It’s time for consumers to expect more from their home phone and finally disassociate phone service from expensive phone carriers. The proliferation of broadband was the first step to delivering phone service over the Internet. Ooma takes it to the next level by providing free U.S. calling with outstanding call quality and no monthly fees or contracts,” said Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma, “The Ooma Telo is our latest in a portfolio of products designed to expand home phone service into an interactive and unified home communication platform.”

In addition to free U.S. calling with no monthly fees, Ooma Telo offers caller ID, call waiting, and 911 at no charge. Ooma Telo also offers DECT 6.0 technology to take advantage of the future release of the Ooma Telo Handset. Ooma Telo comes with a 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier™, a bundle of advanced calling features that further extends the functionality of the Ooma system.

Features of Ooma Premier include:

  • Enhanced Voicemail: Listen to voicemail through the speaker of the Ooma Telo device or forward voicemail and listen to messages on a mobile phone or computer.
  • Call Screening and Intercept: Listen through the speaker as callers leave their voicemail. Pick-up at anytime to answer or tap a key to send the call away.
  • Personal and Community Blacklists: Tap into Ooma’s extensive database of telemarketers and phone spammers and have the option of blocking unwanted callers or sending them straight to voicemail.
  • Multi-Ring: Never miss a phone call again by configuring your Ooma system to simultaneously ring or forward a call to a mobile phone.
  • Three-way Conferencing: Easily talk to two parties at once with easy three-way conference calling.
  • Personal Number: Choose a second number anywhere in the U.S. and have it ring distinctively so you know who the call is for.
  • Instant Second Line: Always have an available dial-tone even if someone else is using the phone; users can also make or take a second call without missing a beat. (This feature requires Ooma Telo Handset. Available November, 2009)

The Ooma Telo is available at more than 1,200 retail locations including: Best Buy, Datavision, Fry’s Electronics, J&R, Micro Center, and leading online destinations including Amazon, BestBuy.com, Buy.com, Costco.com, Dell.com, JandR.com, NewEgg.com, OfficeDepot.com, PC Mall, Provantage, Shop Harmony, Staples.com, Sears.com Target.com, Tiger Direct, and Walmart.com.

Pricing and Taxes
Ooma Telo retails for $249.99. Optional Ooma Premier costs $9.99 per month. Sign up for one year of Ooma Premier and receive a free Ooma Telo Handset (a $49.99 value) or free number porting (a $39.99 value). After the first year of ownership, Ooma Telo users will be charged an annual regulatory recovery fee of $11.75 to cover taxes, regulatory recovery fees and other costs.

About Ooma, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Ooma offers a consumer electronics device that provides free, U.S. telephone calling and advanced telephony services to its global base of customers. Ooma delivers exceptional call quality and the reliability of traditional phone service at a fraction of the cost, in a sleek and innovative design. Ooma is available at more than 4800 leading retailers and online destinations. For more information, go to www.ooma.com or www.ooma.com/blog

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2 Reactions to “Ooma Telo Wants to Free You From Your Monthly Phone Bill”

  1. scooter23555 says:

    it doesn't do fax so well. or at all in my case. EVERYTHING else was great. cool sound right before your dialtone and all!

  2. scooter23555 says:

    it doesn't do fax so well. or at all in my case. EVERYTHING else was great. cool sound right before your dialtone and all!