IDF 2009: Moblin Lands on Phones and MIDs

IDF 2009 Moblin v2.1 UI Presentation - Credit: Engadget

It looks like Intel has bigger plans for Moblin than just it being a lightweight, Linux-based netbook OS. At the Intel Developer Forum today, Intel unveiled a prototype Multimedia Internet Device (MID) running Moblin v2.1 powered by an Intel Atom processor. During the presentation, Intel also displayed a Smartphone running the OS as well and proclaimed: “Something big has happened to your mobile phone.” Pics from both devices definitely confirm that the Moblin UI for MID and Smartphones have been tweaked to suite the device’s screen dimensions and functionality. It’s apparent now — if it wasn’t already — Intel has ARM and portable OSs like Android and Maemo in their sights.  Engadget @ IDF has additional details and pics here and here.

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