Toshiba Gets IFA Geeks All Worked Up About Its Prototype JournE Touch Tablet

Toshiba JournE

I don’t know what it is, but I’m not quite as excited about the Toshiba JournE tablet as everyone else. Essentially, JournE is a 7-inch screen touch webpad that’s built on top of an ARM processor running Windows CE 6.0 Pro offering social networking, Internet browsing, and multimedia playback capabilities. When docked and connected to an HDTV, JournE is able to output 720p video via HDMI and can be used with a wireless keyboard for couch surfing. Estimated price: 249€ (Q4 2009). What do you think? Is this something you’d buy? What would you change?

Quick Specs:

  • 7-inch Touch Screen Panel (800×480 resolution)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Wireless
  • Wi-Fi: support WEP,WPA, WPA2
  • WinCE Pro + IE 6.0 (browser) +MSN (message/voice)
  • 2200 m Ah Li-polymer internal battery
  • Memory Cards Support: SD*, MMC, MS and MS Pro, xD (*SDHC: supported up to 32GB)
  • Internal Memory: 1GB Nand Flash
  • Docking station: HDMI TV out, Charging
  • Speakers: 0.5W Speaker*2 (stereo)
  • Supported File Format:
    Picture: JPEG, BMP
    Audio: MP3, Video: Mpeg4. H.264
  • USB port:
    1. A type USB 1.1(Host)
    2. Mini-B USB 2.0 (USB device)

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Update (9/4/09): Toshiba’s JournE touch to get VoIP and ebook functionality, dedicated e-reader planned for 2010

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4 Reactions to “Toshiba Gets IFA Geeks All Worked Up About Its Prototype JournE Touch Tablet”

  1. Simon Mackay says:

    I have mentioned about this device class in my blog post ( when I was talking about O2's Joggler being launched in April. I was looking at it in context with Clarion's ClarionMIND portable navigation device and seeing these devices as a breakthrough alternative to the smartphone or the netbook for portable Internet connectivity when within the home network or when you go hotspotting.

  2. Simon_Mackay says:

    This unit certainly shows how capable an MID can be and at least one of the big Japanese names has valued the MID product concept. It could have a chance at competing with Apple's iPod Touch but it, like most MIDs needs to have support for the DLNA home media network, whether as a player or UPnP AV Control Point. It may also benefit from having local applications for the “usual suspects” — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace.