Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Unveiled, Just $299 with 120GB Hard Drive

It’s out! Hard to believe that in less than three years Sony is now unveiling a slimmer, lighter, and less power-hungry PlayStation 3. The new PS3 Slim will sell for $299 [Amazon] this September and include a larger 120GB hard drive — not bad for a combined Game Console, Blu-ray player, PC/Internet streamer device. Attached above is a video of Sony’s Jack Tretton introducing the PS3 Slim. [via]

UPDATE 1: Engadget has also learned: “Other new features of the PS3 slim include BRAVIA Sync, which allows you to control the PS3 XMB over HDMI through your BRAVIA TV remote, and System Standby to shut off the PS3 when the BRAVIA TV is off. Sony also claims this new machine will run more quietly than existing PS3 systems….” New... PS3 Slim hands-on.

UPDATE 2: Engadget is now reporting, after doing their hands-on, PS3 Slim has a removable 2.5-inch SATA drive that can be swapped out for a larger capacity drive without voiding the warranty. [VIDEO]

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