Apple Adds iPhone / iPod touch Finger Gesture Control to Apple TV

Apple Remote with Apple TV Graphic

A while back Apple released the Remote app for iPhone and iPod touch that allowed users to wirelessly control iTunes on their Mac. Now, Apple has added finger gesture control functionality to Apple TV — requires Apple TV software update 2.4 and the latest version of Remote. Another nice feature of Remote, users have the ability to search for media using the handset’s QWERTY keyboard. [via]

Remote – Video Playback:

  • Tap to play or pause.
  • Flick left or right, or drag and hold, to rewind or fast-forward.
  • Flick down to show chapter markers, then flick left or right to skip.
  • Drag two fingers left for replay.

Remote – Audo Playback:

  • Tap to play or pause.
  • Drag left or right and hold to rewind or fast-forward.
  • Flick left or right for previous or next.

New in Apple TV software update 2.4:

  • Remote app directional control – Control your Apple TV with simple finger gestures via the Remote app. This feature requires Remote 1.3 running on an iPhone or iPod touch with iPhone OS 3.0.
  • Flickr Search – Search Flickr photo tags to find recently updated photos of interest. Save searches to quickly find new photos or use as a screen saver for Apple TV.
  • New view options – View movies By Genre, By Movie, or Unwatched. View TV Shows and Podcasts By Date, By Show, or Unwatched.
  • Updated transport and chapter modes – During video playback, click right or left to fast forward or rewind. Additional clicks increase the speed. Click down to show chapter markers.

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