Belkin Launches the Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

Gigabit speeds over powerline? Impressive. Belkin claims that their new Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit ($149.99) adapters are capable of 1000Mbps transmission speeds, which is about 5 times faster than the competition. The new adapters are powered by Gigle Semiconductor’s mediaxtream chip and have been designed to handle multiple HD video streams. The adapaters offer plug-in-play setup, push-button security (128-bit AES), and are compatible with HomePlug AV products. The only limitations are you can only have 8 bridge adapters connected per station and they need to be within a range of 300m.

Belkin Introduces Fastest Way to Stream HD Movies Over Your Existing Home Electrical Wiring with New Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

June 22, 2009 – Today, Belkin announces an addition to its Powerline Networking line with its new Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit adapters, letting you create an ultrafast HD entertainment network through your home’s existing electrical wiring. Powered by Gigle Semiconductor’s mediaxtream™ chip, Belkin’s Gigabit Powerline provides a secure, stable networking signal anywhere in the home—even for areas that are hard to reach by wireless connections.

Because of its high Gigabit speeds and consistent connection, Gigabit Powerline reduces online gaming latency and provides large bandwidth, making it ideal for online PC gaming and ultrafast high-quality transmission of multiple video streams. While the current fastest powerline technology runs at 200Mbps, Gigabit Powerline delivers content at 1000Mbps of speed.

Setup of a powerline network is simple with its plug-and-play connectivity:
* Plug one end of the Adapter into an available wall outlet.
* Connect the other end to any device with an available Ethernet port (RJ45), such as a gaming console, set-top box, or computer.


* Of those people questioned in a 2008 survey by IDC, 84% reported that they are watching more Internet video now compared to a year ago.
* The number of videos viewed by US Internet users has grown from approximately 10 billion in 2005 to 100 billion in 2007.
* When surveyed about concerns with having a TV connected to the Internet, reliability of Internet connection was named 40% of the time.


* Now available in North America
* Availability in Europe: early August

Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit (F5D4076) – $149.99

* Ideal for ultrafast high-quality transmission of multiple video streams, reducing online gaming latency and quickly transferring large data files
* Includes one single-port Adapter for a gaming console, HDTV, or a computer and another single-port Adapter to plug into a router
* Stream multiple HD movies and game online
* Improves Internet connectivity in remote rooms or places hard to reach with wireless connections
* Provides a secure, stable networking signal
* Push-button security
* Plug-and-play setup
* Mesh network:
o Adding a third (or more) Belkin Powerline Adapter enables Gigle’s xtendnet™ feature that provides increasing networking stability and performance by creating a transparent mesh network.
* Compatible with HomePlug&regAV products

*NOTE: The standard transmission rate—1000Mbps—is the ideal physical data rate. Actual data throughput and distance will be lower, depending on interference, network traffic, building materials, and other conditions.

mediaxtream™ and xtendnet™ are trademarks of Gigle Semiconductor, Inc.

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