LaCie Intros the LaCinema Black RECORD

LaCie LaCinema Black RECORD

For those of you jealous that our European friends were the only ones able to get their hands on the LaCie LaCinema Black MAX back in February, you’re going to be pleased to learn that LaCie has just introduced the LaCinema Black RECORD worldwide via their online store. Like the LaCinema Black MAX, the LaCinema Black RECORD is a UPnP digital media streamer (bundled with TwonkyMedia Server), HDD media player (capacity options: 500GB / $449.99, 1TB / $499.99), and TV recorder. On the plus side, the device can output 1080p video via HDMI, upscale SD video to 1080i, play just about every popular media format type around, and, interestingly, can time-shift video like a TiVo (the manual states it automatically records TV as you watch it for up to three hours). On the downside, TV recording is fairly limited. The LaCinema Black RECORD can only record video, instantly or at a set time, from an S-Video or RCA source provided via a set-top box or camcorder. But then again… that’s more functionality than 99% of the other digital media adapters on the market.

Aside: If you like the LaCinema Black RECORD, but want something more lightweight. Have a look at LaCie’s $99 LaCinema Classic Bridge (no hard drive) and $159 LaCinema Classic (500GB / 1TB) HD capable digital media streamers.

LaCie Enhances the LaCinema Black Series: LaCinema Black PLAY and RECORD

* Easy-to-use wireless HD media players
* Play HD movies, photos, and music on your HDTV
* Access digital content on your home network
* Control your TV experience: play, pause and record

PARIS, FRANCE (June 3, 2009) – Today LaCie announced the latest products to expand their range of Wireless HD media players – LaCinema Black PLAY and LaCinema Black RECORD, Design by Neil Poulton. The new LaCinema Black products are built to optimize how consumers access and play content right from their HDTV.

Access all your media
LaCinema Black PLAY and RECORD provide the latest in home networking capabilities. Users can choose from a direct network connection, or use the built-in Wi-Fi connection, making it easy to store music, movies and photos from any computer on the local network. A built-in UPnP client player makes it fast and easy for users to access media content from a networked PC or Mac from anywhere in the home.

Built for High Definition
Designed with High Definition in mind, LaCinema Black PLAY and RECORD allow users to watch downloaded HD movies and television programs directly on the television. Promoting a greater use of HDTVs, these new products are capable of decoding 1080p resolution movies, HD JPEG photos and 1080i upscaling of Standard Definition movies. Consumers can enjoy movies with more detail, clarity and sharpness, making the LaCinema Black products a vital part of their viewing and entertainment experience. Users can even enable surround sound through the optical audio output.

LaCinema Black RECORD features Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology, which allows users to record, pause, and rewind their favorite TV shows with the support of a connected set-top box or cable converter.

“Now that families are beginning to consume masses of digital content, they need a multimedia device that will allow them to easily store and play their favorite content right from their existing home entertainment center,” said Patrick Salin, LaCie Multimedia Business Unit Manager. “With LaCinema Black products, users can access media over their network, listen to music, sort photos, record TV programs, and ultimately get the desired experience from their media collection – all from one product.”

Easy use for the entire family
With the help of an intuitive user interface, families can easily browse their media, creating photo slideshows or music playlists with the touch of a button. LaCinema Black products also come with a parental control feature to password-protect files, allowing parents to centralize and secure their multimedia content with confidence.

The LaCinema Black PLAY and RECORD are available starting at 500GB* and support a broad variety of file formatting options. They are capable of storing up to 710 movies, 165,000 songs, 500,000 photos, or 250 hours of recording**. USB ports for peripherals allow users to expand capacity, or store their photos and videos by directly connecting video and digital cameras.

The LaCinema Black products are available through the LaCie Online Store or LaCie resellers at the suggested retail price starting at $429.99. For more product information, visit

*1TB (Terabyte) = 1000GB. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less).

**Calculations are based on 700MB per 1 MPEG-4 movie, 1MB per JPEG photo file, and 3MB per MP3 song, 2GB per one hour MPEG-2 TV program recording. These values often vary.

About Neil Poulton
Neil Poulton was born in Thurso, Scotland. A graduate in Industrial Design from Edinburgh University and Milan’s Domus Academy, Poulton first came into public view in 1989 as the creator of “the ageing pens,” pens made from a “living,” wearing plastic that changes color and form with use. Today, Neil Poulton designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients including LaCie and Artemide. Since 1991, Poulton has lived and worked in Paris, France.

About LaCie
Located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology. Established in France in 1989, LaCie is listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). For more information, visit

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