Hulu Labs Launches Hulu Desktop for Mac and PC

Exciting news today for Hulu lovers. Hulu is announcing the immediate availability of Hulu Desktop for Mac and PC. The current offering is one of many new products being released from the site’s new skunkworks, Hulu Labs. Above is a video overview of Hulu Desktop which will provide users a rich, browser-less media experience that can be controlled via a mouse / keyboard or six-buttom PC or Mac remote. I think the only thing missing from Hulu’s strategy now is premium movie rentals and a TV widget for next-gen networked TVs.

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3 Reactions to “Hulu Labs Launches Hulu Desktop for Mac and PC”

  1. andy says:

    My MacBookPro, this and could be a sweet setup

  2. Michael says:

    IMHO integration with Boxee or XBMC would much useful.

  3. […] Blog is confirming that their FireFly Mini ($29.99) remote is full compatible with Hulu Desktop. The news isn’t mind-blowing by any means since the software’s documentation states […]