$36/yr Pandora One Subscription Plan Launched

Pandora One Custom Skin

Pandora today has unveiled its new $36 a year subscription plan that they hope will entice users to upgrade (and keep the company profitable). The new Pandora One plan [FAQ] provides 192Kbps audio streams (the highest bitrate stream currently on the Net), the removal of in-stream and webpage ads, 8 custom skins to personalize your profile, a 5 hour time-out value, no daily skip limit (however, there’s a skip limit of 6 songs per hour), and a new stand-alone Adobe AIR desktop app / player to access the service. So now the question is: Will you bite?

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1 Reaction to “$36/yr Pandora One Subscription Plan Launched”

  1. Carlton Bale says:

    I’m already a paid subscriber, so I’m just hoping I get these extra benefits without having to purchase something more.