HP MediaSmart Server v2.5 Update to Be Available This Fall for First Generation Owners

We’ve always found it odd that only the EX485 / EX487 HP MediaSmart Server models were able to get updates for the latest features like Mac Time Machine support, iStream support, HP Video Converter, etc. Well, that’s no longer going to be the case. According to a statement made by HP (see attachment below), EX47x owners will soon be able to refresh their systems with a new server image via DVD later this Fall (available through HP support) that will allow owners to receive all the current and future server feature updates. In addition, HP is announcing that its LX and EX series MediaSmart Servers will be available for purchase in Europe around the same time frame. [via / via]

We have two updates to share with our MediaSmart Server communities.

We have listened to the customer feedback on wegotserved.co.uk, mediasmartserver.net, mediasmarthome.com and other popular Windows Home Server blogs related to our recent software update availability. Based on this feedback, we are working to provide a supported path to allow customers to update all generations of their EX Series and LX Series MediaSmart Server products to the current software version.

Due to the generational differences of our platform architectures, we will not be providing the updated software as traditional downloads. Instead, we will provide complete server image DVD’s through HP support in the same manner as replacement DVD’s are provided today. We expect that there will be certain hardware limitations and/or trade-offs for the various platforms that will be detailed once the new server DVD’s are available.

Timing is tentatively scheduled in Fall 2009. We understand customers would like these updates sooner, but this timing is necessary to adequately develop and test these new software images. As we get further along in our development, we will provide an updated timetable.

We have also read the inquiries regarding European availability of the MediaSmart Server products. We are pleased to announce that our European customers can expect to see our LX and EX series products for sale in Europe. Targeted availability is Fall 2009.

We thank everyone for their continued support of the MediaSmart Server products and appreciate the continued feedback.

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