RipNAS Statement SSD Windows Home Server Unveiled

RipNAS Statement

It seems that RipNAS has been on a tear shipping a variety of CD ripping NAS servers to the market recently. Now the company behind RipNAS is unveiling its latest product called the RipNAS Statement, featuring a passively cooled, multi-drive enclosure that can be equipped with 500GB (2x250GB) of SSD or 3TB (2×1.5TB) of HDD based storage.

Like its siblings, Statement runs Windows Home Server and comes bundled with a variety of media add-ins allowing it to rip CD audio (with error checking and metadata retrieval) to a lossless format that users can then stream to various extenders and UPnP devices. It’s also worth pointing out, since the Statement runs WHS and includes a slot loading CD / DVD drive, one can add a DVD ripping add-in to the product as well.

Streaming Options:
RipNAS states: “Statement features Asset UPnP (specially designed for Linn DS range), iTunes (Apple), SqueezeCenter (Logitech), SMB / CIFS (Sonos), network streaming services built in, one statement can serve the whole home of interconnected network audio streamers.”

Specifications (not entirely detailed):
RipNAS states: “Gigabit Ethernet, ATOM Dual-Core, 2GB memory. 4x USB for further storage expansion. Power 110VAC – 240VAC, usage: 20W SSD, 36W HDD. Warranty 1 year RTB. Weight: 12kg, Dimensions 10x43x38cm”

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