Plex for Mac OS X Gets Netflix Support

Plex Netflix Watch Instantly Screenshot

I just got wind of the news. It looks like on April 8th a Netflix plugin for Plex was rolled out that allows people to navigate and play content from Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service. The Netflix plugin for Plex requires the latest version of Silverlight to be installed on your Mac for it to work. Aside: It appears this plugin is only available on Plex at this time and has not yet been ported to XBMC (see: thread 1, thread 2). However, Boxee has its own Netflix plugin already in place for Windows and Mac OS X.

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  1. Barry P says:

    If you also use Netflix Watch Instantly on Windows machines it might pay to check whether you have to change your Netflix Watch Instantly account to all SilverLight if you go with this option for your Mac.