Warner Bros. Launches a HD DVD for Blu-ray Movie Exchange Program

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For all the early HD DVD movie adopters who got burned when the industry decided to go Blu-ray instead, you’ll be happy to learn that Warner Bros. will trade your WB distributed titles for a Blu-ray version (up to 25 per household) through its new Red2Blu program [Terms PDF] for only $4.95 each (plus any applicable taxes). Just select the movie from the titles listed at red2blu.com, mail in the original cover art sleeve, and wait 4-5 weeks for your new movie to arrive. Note: You will have to pay an additional $6.95-$8.95 shipping & handling charge depending on where you live per order. [via]

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3 Reactions to “Warner Bros. Launches a HD DVD for Blu-ray Movie Exchange Program”

  1. Scott Weaver says:

    The S&H charges listed above are wrong. Per the website: “*$6.95 shipping & handling on each order within the Continental US, $8.95 per order within Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico (plus applicable taxes).” With 25 max titles per order, the more you order the lower the shipping/title will be.

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