Near Finalized CrunchPad Photos Inadvertently Hit the Net

Crunchpad with Packaging

A funny thing happened today. TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington inadvertently gave his Facebook and Posterous followers a peek of what looks like the soon to be released CrunchPad. Unlike the prototype demo we all got to see back in January, this CrunchPad model looks like it’s ready to go to market (there’s even a packaging shot – shown here). Luckily for us, Gizmodo spotted and posted the no longer available pics of the web tablet for everyone to look over.

UPDATE 1: ArabCrunch has posted additional images. Seriously… this looks like it should be out soon.
CrunchGear posts an offical blog entry on the “early debut.”
UPDATE 3: TechCrunch is providing additional details about the pics and where the device stands.

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  2. […] Another nice touch is that the screen is now flush with the case making it 18mm thinner than the last prototype we’ve seen. Below is a video from April demonstrating the UI in action. What do you think? Will a $300 device […]