T-Mobile to Release an Android Powered Home Phone and Internet Tablet?

Archos Android Internet Tablet

The New York Times is leaking the details of some “confidential documents” published by T-Mobile that state that the company is planning on launching an Android powered home phone and Internet tablet in 2010. While the details are a little sparse, it looks like the phone will have docking and data sync capabilities while the 7-inch touchscreen tablet (pictured here: Archos Android Internt Tablet) will “handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home,” writes the The New York Times. All in all, it sounds like a solid plan to compete against Verizon’s Hub or AT&T’s HomeManager offerings and maybe even take it up notch by having an extendible platform that can leverage third-party apps from the Android Market. [via]

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