Motorola Labs’ Media Mover (aka MCU3E) Gets a Makeover

Motorola Labs' Media Mover at The Cable Show

ZNF has new pics and details of Motorola Labs’ Media Mover (formerly known as the MCU3E). The do-it-all USB gadget is capable of transcoding DVR stored video for transfer or streaming (locally over Wi-Fi / Bluetooth or remotely) to various devices. In addition, Media Mover now sports a SD Card slot and can DRM-wrap video content on-the-fly to ease any cable partner’s concerns. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on pricing or release date. However, in the meantime, you can check out ZNF‘s photo gallery of the Media Mover being demo’d at The Cable Show with a Motorola Q q9 cellphone, laptop (using a VLC DRM plugin), and iPhone.

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