MOXI HD DVR Goes Mainstream

Gone are the days when you could only get your hands on a MOXI DVR in limited cable TV markets. The company is now delivering their TiVo butt-kicking, CableCARD compatible 500GB HD DVR to the masses via for $799 (subscription fees: $0, advertising: none). FYI: the MOXI HD DVR was first announced and made available to consumers in limited quantity back in January. The only thing lacking, from what I can tell, is online video content integration (maybe that’s coming later?). However, it does support Flickr photo viewing, “SuperTicker” updates, and playback of your PC’s stored media files over the network.

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4 Reactions to “MOXI HD DVR Goes Mainstream”

  1. Andrew says:

    I’d be curious to hear how its performance compares against the TIVO which is a little laggy. Also, why not stuff a Popcorn Hour type chip / software in there so users could connect it to a NAS, and stream videos. Give me a device that will stream DVD ISOs with menues and count me in….

  2. Simon Mackay says:

    Who knows how threatening to the movie and TV “establishment” these Internet-based broadcast-TV and video-on-demand devices will be. What with the ability to play video streams or download video files from anywhere in the Internet and for studios to set up at low cost to bring content to all areas. Think of such things high-quality British or European TV content being played in the US where such content wouldn’t hit regular broadcast TV there.

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  4. […] Who knows how threatening to the movie and TV “establishment”…Simon Mackay – 13 days… […]