Boxee Adds Pandora, PBS Content and a New (Hulu Friendly) Enhanced Browser

The title pretty much says it all. Highlights include custom channels for Pandora Internet radio, RadioTime and PBS content. The guys at Boxee note that the Pandora app was created using the “more robust” Boxee API that allows developers to easily create apps using XML and Python. Boxee says: “Developers can now do pretty much whatever they want UI-wise and control the data and metadata around the media.” Also the new XUL framework based browser — which shares some of the core architecture as Mozilla Firefox — allows users to view full HTML pages. In the case of Hulu, Boxee users can preview content using the site’s RSS feed and then select a video that will launch in the browser in fullscreen mode after opening in the standard mode for a few seconds (sounds like it has something to do with capturing web ad impressions). [via] VIDEO: Boxee Meetup NYC 3/24/09

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