Automate HandBrake DVD Rips Using AutoBrake

Ever wish backing up DVDs to your PC were as easy as placing a disc in the drive and then having a program auto-rip the content with your preferred video presets already in place? Well, now you can with a nifty little app called AutoBrake — which (as the name implies) leverages the popular HandBrake application and automates the whole process. AutoBrake is compatible with Windows XP / Vista and can be installed on Windows Home Server as a standard application via Remote Desktop. Note: AnyDVD or DVD43 will also be required, if you plan on backing up copy-protected DVD movies. Download AutoBrake here. [via]


Trying to rip DVDs to your home server consistently and without issue is not easy. After doing some research I came across a free application called HandBrake which is a fantastic video encoder and it just so happens that it can rip DVDs.

However, HandBrake requires somebody to set it up each time you wish to rip a DVD. Obviously nobody is going to want to bother with that so I decided to write a small application which will do this automatically.

The application, which I’ve entitled “AutoBrake”, monitors your DVD drive and will automatically run HandBrake with the settings you preconfigured. AutoBrake also provides a status window for you to keep track of the rip, if you so happen to be logged in to your home server.

The attached screenshot shows AutoBrake running under Windows Vista (It’s 100% compatible with WHS, XP and Vista). Both the settings window and status window are shown.


  • Automatically rip DVDs when inserted.
  • Choose a quality preset for quick ripping.
  • Alter the individual encoder settings for more flexibility if required.
  • Status window lets you see % of rip complete.
  • Runs in the background with a small icon in the system tray.

Anyone have any thoughts, criticisms or feature suggestions?

So far I haven’t got this up and running as an actual add-in for the WHS Console as it relies on HandBrake (for encoding) and AnyDVD (for removing DVD copy protection) to be installed alongside it, so I thought it would be best to leave AutoBrake as a standalone application.

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