Hauppauge Gives CeBIT Attendees a Sneak Peek at the MediaMVP-HD

It appears the Hauppauge has a new digital media streamer in the pipeline. At CeBIT the company showcased the next version of it’s popular MediaMVP called the MediaMVP-HD. The MediaMVP-HD is said to be able to function without the need to connect to a PC, it can stream content from network storage devices, and is – as the name implies – able to processes HD quality video and output the feed via HDMI. The MediaMVP-HD offers Ethernet (I’m guessing Gigabit) connectivity, as well as, Wi-Fi via an optional USB dongle. No word on pricing, but it should be available later this Summer. [via]

CNET Germany also has a video available here

Additional spec details via AVS Forum member, SHS (disclaimer: may not be accurate)

Ok here some info
This is a Sigma 8654 based box.
Component Video, S-Video, Composite and HDMI output
Left audio, Right audio and Toslink Digital Optical audio output
Lan Network input
Linux and Samba based.
USB on front for playing local media and who know maybe even a Keyboard.
It can be a standalone (it does not need a PC to boot like the previous MediaMVP did).

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