Wii-Style Controllers the Next Big Thing for TV Browsing?

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, has published a new survey report titled “Consumer Imperatives for Digital TV Media Browsers” which found that Wii-style, motion-sensing TV remotes may be the next big thing for browsing media applications in next generation TVs. The survey also found that wireless PC-style keyboards came in a close second with traditional TV remotes coming in third. Bad news for voice control TV technologies. Respondents considered voice control “the least appropriate option” for TV navigation.

Wii-style TV Media Controller Connects Consumers

According to a recent Strategy Analytics survey, TV viewers have identified point and click controllers, such as Nintendo’s Wii Remote, as the best type of control device for the next generation of TV-based media browsers. The Digital Home Observatory report, “Consumer Imperatives for Digital TV Media Browsers,” found that PC-style keyboards ran a close second in popularity, followed by traditional TV remote controls which use either on-screen keyboards or alphanumeric keypads. Voice control, often promoted as the future of man-machine interface, was considered the least appropriate option by those surveyed.

“Nintendo’s success with the Wii games console is clearly having an impact on other aspects of digital home user experience,” says David Mercer, VP, Digital Consumer Practice. “Its motion-sensitive, point-and-click controllers have clearly struck a chord with consumers-not just in video games, but for other big-screen entertainment applications, as well. By contrast, promoters of voice control technologies face a major challenge to persuade users of their advantages.”

This survey was conducted in the US in December 2008, with 500 mid- to high-tech consumers. The Strategy Analytics Digital Home Observatory (DHO) User Experience team investigates digital consumer behaviors and experiences, in order to analyze digital home devices and services. The report is now available at www.strategyanalytics.com

Analyst blog post: http://www.strategyanalytics.com/blogs/357/

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