XSight URC 8603 PC Programmable, Touch Screen Remote for Under $200.

The idea of a universal remote control to eliminate the multi-remote coffee table clutter is not a new one. In fact, a remote that can control up to 18 devices with a combination of hard buttons and a touch screen has even become somewhat common place. But to find one that you can set-up yourself for under $200 is a good discovery. [via]

The new Touch URC 8603 from XSight, or One For All, is just that. This remote packs a punch with some great features:

  • 2.2 inch color touch screen
  • Favorite channel buttons with logos
  • Learn buttons from other remotes
  • Out of the box setup – simply tell the remote what type of device you want to control and the manufacturer, the URC 8603 does the rest
  • Programmable macros for one button access to “Watch a Movie”

On top of these, the remote also leverages a web based programming tool called EZRC. EZRC lets users create their own profiles for the remote. So now you can keep Nickelodeon and ESPN under different profiles where they belong.

It is nice to see higher end remote capabilities moving into a more consumer friendly price range. Maybe now you can afford the 18 devices this remote controls.

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3 Reactions to “XSight URC 8603 PC Programmable, Touch Screen Remote for Under $200.”

  1. Jim Bask says:

    It was announced at CES that the XSight remote will be released in the United States this spring under the Acoustic Research brand from Audiovox.

  2. judith says:

    Tried it … and fully in love.
    This is what they call best in class!!

  3. david amos says:

    Add a gyro and you’ll get a Wii on a touch screen!