GeeXboX 1.2 Released as Final Version before Going 2.X

GeeXboX 1.2 has been released on the world! This is the final release of the free Linux Home Theatre PC distribution before GeexXbox gets a visually stunning overhaul in 2.0. This long awaited update includes several new features the community has been clamoring for.

Probably the most intriguing update in this release is the new Win32 install utility. The authors state that this new installer allows users to install GeeXboX onto an existing hard drive without worrying about re-partitioning or formatting the hard drive first. While this release certainly adds some worthwhile features, it is the screenshot teasers of GeeXboX 2.0 that has me starting to drool.

The GeeXbox release changelog lists the following as some of the other major updates:


  • Upgrade to Linux
  • Use On-Demand CPU frequency scaling policy.


  • Fix VCD playback issues.
  • Disable GOOM audio visualization, was sucking down CPU too much.
  • Fix some TV card bad color effects.

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1 Reaction to “GeeXboX 1.2 Released as Final Version before Going 2.X”

  1. JohnCz says:

    not impressed, we’ll see what 2.0 has instore.