Qwest Rolls Out Free Online Backup Service to High-Speed Internet Customers

It’s been quite some time since anything exciting has been announced by a consumer broadband provider. This week Qwest is rolling out, what they call, the Personal Digital Vault which offers customers 2GB of secured, offsite storage space at no additional charge. The new service allows users to schedule PC backups, manually upload files, and gain remote access from any web browser. Qwest is also offering customers expanded service with 50GB vault space for $6.99/mo and UNLIMITED vault space for just $9.99/mo!

Qwest Personal Digital Vault Allows Qwest Customers to Keep Digital Valuables Safely Backed-Up

Qwest High-Speed Internet Customers Receive Free 2gb of Online Vault Space to Back up Critical Documents, Photos, Video, Music and More, can Upgrade to More Space

Qwest High-Speed Internet® customers now have a secure and automatic way to protect their most valuable digital content from computer crashes, external hard-drive damage and more, and they can get started for free. Qwest Personal Digital Vault™ is the online backup service from Qwest Communications (NYSE: Q) that offers encrypted, offsite protection, allowing customers to gain peace of mind and worry less about losing valuable digital content.

Now all new and existing Qwest High-Speed Internet customers can visit qwest.com/digitalvault to take advantage of free 2GB of online vault space that can be used to back up digital content. Customers can also use their Qwest Personal Digital Vault account for anywhere-access to their backed-up digital content.

“Special photos, videos and correspondence lost to a hard-drive crash, computer theft or damage means a big emotional loss,” said ­Neil E. Cox, Qwest executive vice president of Product and IT. “Home computers and hard-drives will eventually fail, and the best use of Qwest Personal Digital Vault is to back up these important digital keepsakes for when that time comes.”

Qwest Personal Digital Vault features make online backup easy, including:

  • Online backup – customers can trust that their digital content is safely backed-up with secure data-encryption.
  • Automated and customizable backup scheduling – by scheduling automatic backups, customers can be sure their newest files and versions will be safe.
  • File restore and complete restore – even if external hard-drives, thumb-drives or CDs are damaged, lost or stolen, customers can access their backed-up content.
  • Manual settings – customers can manually back up their documents at any time, and can even share their files with anyone they choose.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – backed-up content can be accessed by entering the appropriate username and password on any PC with a broadband connection.

Additional vault space is available to customers who want to back up more than 2GB worth of digital content. Customers can sign up for 50GB of vault space for $6.99 per month or unlimited vault space for $9.99 per month. Customers who purchase a 12-month term for 50GB or unlimited vault space save more than 15 percent on the monthly rates. Call Qwest for complete details. For more Qwest insight about Qwest Personal Digital Vault, please visit Qwest’s Get in the Loop Blog at internetcommunity.qwest.com.

With new Qwest® Fiber-Optic Fast Internet delivering connection speeds up to 20 Mbps available in select areas, and with valuable service enhancements to keep customers protected, including Qwest Personal Digital Vault, Windows Live™ OneCare and secure Qwest Home Networking®, Qwest continues its focus on providing customers peace-of-mind solutions.

About Qwest
Customers coast to coast turn to Qwest’s industry-leading national fiber-optic network and world-class customer service to meet their communications and entertainment needs. For residential customers, Qwest offers a new generation of fiber-optic high-speed Internet service, as well as digital home phone, Verizon Wireless, and DIRECTV services. Qwest is also the choice of 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offering a full suite of network, data and voice services for small businesses, large businesses, government agencies and wholesale customers. Additionally, Qwest participates in Networx, the largest communications services contract in the world, and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by a leading technology industry analyst firm.

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